Minutes of the LFS Board of Directors 9-15-2011

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Laramie Film Society

15 September 2011

County Commissioner's Room, Albany County Courthouse

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.


Robert Roten, Lynn Hamblin, Nanette Nelson, Cliff Marks, Ed Rasmussen, Ana Barbir, Nancy Sindelar. Director's report:

There is a need for a licensed agent to accept papers in case this is needed. The person must have a physical address, not a Post Office Box. Cliff Marks is willing to do this. His address is 435 E Mitchell Street, # E-5, Laramie, WY 82072.

Coe Library has purchased many films with public performance rights, including those from the Film Movement and Bullfrog films. These can be shown to the public anywhere in Wyoming.

Once again, the society projected silent films for Jubilee days. The projector was set up between rainstorms. There was a good response from the public.

Robert Roten has found a public Address amplifier for $20 and a Sharp video projector for $50, for public performances. He was reimbursed for this expense.

There will not be a Fall Film Series at the WYO Theater this year, they are not even showing "Tree of Life," which will be out on DVD in October, or "Midnight in Paris." The WYO has a FaceBook page, they are asking for comments and input, this is an opportunity to let them know how people feel about this decision.

There will not be a SAC (Student Activities Council) film series this year, as they were not getting big enough audiences to justify the expense of paying for performance rights on the films. Also, there will be some "Friday Night Fever" films this fall on campus.

Financial Report

The account has $531.27 less $70 for the PA amp and projector.

Election of Officers

Cliff Marks made a motion to retain all officers in the same positions for another year. Seconded by Nanette Nelson. Discussion followed, noting that not all officers were present, and there was concern that those not present would want to continue. Motion failed, 4-1. Absent board members were sent text messages to ascertain their interest.

The weather stripping effort at the WYO did not receive positive interest from the management.

Consensus reached on building a FaceBook page for the LFS. Ana Barbir stepped up to create the page.

Robert Roten will make on online survey to learn what day and time people want to watch films, incase there is a more popular time than Sunday at 7 PM. He said the WYO management may not want to do the series on another day. Discussion on boosting the WYO, publicity. There is a need to impress on the Smiths (owners) there is a film community in town.

Summer Film Series

More people come each year. One difficulty is that subtitles are not visible to audience member who are not sitting in the front row. There is the possibility of showing two more films at the Library this fall/winter, "Coraline" for Halloween and "Polar Express" at Christmas. Both films are 3-D with 2 color glasses.

Nancy Sindelar mentioned that she was showing "The Day After Peace" September 21st, at the Library. Its the story of one man who tries to stop war one day a year.

Officer Elections, second try

Having recieved email and text messages from the absent board members, Cliff Marks motioned to elect a slate of candidates, seconded by Nancy Sindelar. Ana Barbir, Cliff Marks, Ed Rasmussen and Nanette Nelson were elected to two-year terms on the board. Ana and Ed replaced former board members Ali Grossman and Jeanne Holland, who were later thanked for their service on the board. Motion passed 7-0

More discussion on the Wyo Theater, noting that its a nicer venue than the pulic Library, more comfortable, bigger screen. Robert Roten noted that he would rather pay to see films there than free at the Library.

Several ideas were presented to increase attendance at the WYO, including selling a $50 pass that gives admission to 10 movies. The pass would expire at the end of theseason, whether all the punches had been used or not. Roten said he would ask the Smiths how many $25 / 5 movie passes were needed to break even at the theater.

Another idea would be to work with the Smiths where we would receive a small stipend or be allowed to choose some titles in exchange for promotion of the series.

Robert Roten will run a survey monkey to see if the list subscribers have a preference for date/time venue. (The survey was later done. The most popular time and day for showing movies was Sunday at 7 p.m.)

There will probably be a Spring Series, this works better with the way the film industry works.

Also some discussion of showing films at the Civic Center, as it would be a good venue, able to seat more the Library, possibly a better set-up.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. Submitted by nancy Sindelar, LFS secretary