Minutes of the LFS Board meeting 1-23-2013

Minutes of the Laramie Film Society Board of Directors meeting

January 23, 2013

715 South Second St., Laramie

Meeting called to order at 6 p.m.


Ana Barbir, nancy Sindelar, Ed Rasmussen, Lynn Hamblin, Robert Roten, Clifford Marks, Casey Wood, Nanette Nelson, and Topazz the wonder cat.

This meeting included a wide ranging discussion about the future of the Wyo Theatre. The owners of the theater said they need a new digital projection system costing $40,000 in order to stay in business. Various ideas were discussed about how to raise the money to keep the Wyo open and whether that is a good idea at all.

Following a meeting with the owners of the Wyo and Pete Simpson, various local people and community organizations were contacted about raising money, running the theater and entering into a contract with the owners of the Wyo Theatre regarding fund-raising and who would own a digital projector if the LFS is successful in raising the funds to buy one.

The discussion at the meeting involved many things, from whether or not to raise money. Whether the LFS should own the new projector and how that would work with the Wyo owners.

The decision was made to attempt to enter into a legal agreement with the owners of the Wyo in the form of a memorandum of understanding regarding fundraising and ownership of a digital projector for the theater.

Motion by Casey, seconded by Bob Roten.

Voting on: A draft Memorandum of Understanding on raising funds to obtain a digital projector so that the Wyo can show movies. We will pass the draft MOU around until we all agree on the wording. The final vote on this will be online.

For: Ana, nancy, Ed, Lynn, Bob, Clifford, Casey.

Opposed: Nanette

Motion Passed

Submitted by nancy S.