Minutes of the LFS Board of Directors 9-11-2000

The newly formed Board of Directors of the Laramie Film Society met at noon on Monday September 11, 2000 at 404 S. Fifth St. Members present were:

Robert Roten - President

Diana Kopulos-Secretary

Dustin Richards - VP Adult Programming
Casey Wood- VP Children’s Programming
Celeste Havener- VP Fund Raising
Ali Grossman - VP Public Relations
David Davis- VP Public Relations
Brandon Oneill- VP Operations

Approval of Minutes The Board voted to approve the notes taken at the 9/7/00 organizational meeting as the official minutes of that meeting. Wood moved to approve notes, Oneil seconded.

TREASURY- Casey Wood who is also VP Children’s Programming was elected treasurer.

Group Reports

CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING -- Wood reported that there is not yet a group formed for Children’s Programming. He would like to see the schools and the Children’s Museum involved in using the Wyo Theater.

OPERATIONS -- Oneil met with others interested in Operations at the initial 9/7 meeting and has identified several people with experience or interest in the actual running of theatre operations. Owners of businesses Cafe Ole and The Other Store have expressed support.

ADULT PROGRAMMING -- Richards has identified support from people currently involved in the Gladys Crane Film Festival. He asked for an estimate of cost of films and information about how to get films. Roten has provided publicity examples from movie series and Cheyenne and other cities.

PUBLIC RELATIONS -- Grossman suggested we make a statement regarding the Laramie Film Society formation to the audience of the film being shown this Friday AT THE WYO as part of the G.C. Film Festival. There was some discussion of our mission statement and the need to have one as soon as possible. Some suggestions were: that the WYO would become a shared community resource, involving all age groups, that the WYO should be preserved as part of our historical heritage, as worthy of protection as the Ivinson Mansion and other beautiful classic buildings in the neighborhood, that the films shown be quite diverse and that the public be involved in decision making. Grossman and Davis will draft the statement, subject to board approval.

Kopulos suggested the board attempt to communicate via email this week in order to meet the Friday deadline. The need for regular press releases was discussed. It was noted that there was no coverage of the organizational meeting by the Laramie Boomerang but that a representative of the Casper Star Tribune was present. Kopulos said that in her experience, the Boomerang is a do-it-yourself deal and that usually they would print community information if it was supplied to them directly.

FUND RAISING -- Havener has identified support from many enthusiastic volunteers including 3 experienced (and one willing) grant writers, 2 willing to work on bake sales. She presented costs for Tee-shirt sales through Pine Beach Screenprinting in downtown Laramie; 1-71 items @ $15. set up plus $7.50/shirt, $11.50./mock turtle type. No screen set up for 72 or more. She will begin work on logo designs for the next meeting. Kopulos has offered use of her photo of the Wyo taken in the 80’s and another more recent one with the blank marquee for possible use.

Local potters have offered to help with a ‘soup and a movie’ event with a food related movie. Purchase of the meal (soup) would include the bowl. Other suggestions were to design pins, a swing dance competition at Wood’s Landing Bar and selling chairs in the theatre. Havener also suggested using student apprentices for non-profit work.

She announced that there is a class on non-profits now in progress at U.W. that is free this semester and open to anyone who wants to drop in on Thursdays 6 p.m. Bio Science Building room 431.

ELECTION OF TREASURER -- CASEY WOOD, who also heads up Children’s Programming, was elected treasurer.

There was discussion about the name LARAMIE FILM SOCIETY and no objections to keeping it.

The need to establish ourselves as a 501c3 NON-PROFIT CORPORATION as soon as possible was discussed as some of the grants we may qualify for are only available to 501c3s. $500. will be needed for the application.

There is a requirement in our bylaws for an annual meeting and it was decided it be the first Thursday in September, 2001.

There was much discussion and speculation as to how to evaluate and negotiate ways to aquire the Wyo -- and its value in light of the deed restrictions that are in place if the building will be used as a commercial theatre. It was noted that commercial property is usually rented for approximately 1% of the value of the building per month.

Although not voted on , the group seemed to agree that they would rather see a ny money go toward the purchase of the building than just monthly rent.

Beginning a film series using the Fox Theatre in cooperation with Trans-Lux was also considered but the board agreed that our primary focus was on preserving and promoting the Wyo and that using the Fox would be counter-productive and confusing.

Solicitation for funding was disucssed. Oneil said there is a need for letters of support and indicated and that we should compose the letters in advance to submit the people who’s influence might be important to our cause. Roten mentioned Bob Torrey, Klaus Hanson and Scott Boberg as possible interested persons. Also Harry Woods, who is involved with UW Theatre and the GC Film Festival might be of help.

Havener said IENR, Institute for Environment and Natural Resources, might wish to host a film series as might other interest groups.

Oneil mentioned the possiblity of a personal conflict that may make it impossible for him to continue on the board but if that happens, he would find a suitable replacement from within his group (operations.)

Insurance was mentioned and Oneil is looking into this.

The unofficial count of members who attended the first meeting was approximately 66.

An all city arts newsletter was suggested which would be self-sustaining through advertising. Kopulos said that she had had success with a summer newsletter for Historic Downtown Laramie and that businesses were very willing to pay for ads; they took in more than the costs of production.

Other ideas presented were: showing weekly films projected on an outside wall in the summer, showing student videos, (there is a high quality film class in Cheyenne), making a documentary of our efforts to form this group, piggybacking events with each film, such as special concessions and contests and child care offered to parents. Davis suggested developing the balcony and possibly offering it to higher level membership holders.

Board members indicated a preference for holding individual group meetings prior to all inclusive monthly meetings. Each Director would be responsible for calling interested persons and arranging a meeting place. Wood made a motion to adopt the first Thursday of each month for meetings. Havener seconded and there were no objections. Meeting location will be announced when known. Roten will look into using the Wyo again for the next full meeting.

The next board meeting was set for Monday Sept. 18 at noon at 404 S. Fifth. The meeting adjourned at 2 p.m. -- DK