Minutes of the LFS Board of Directors 9-18-2000

The Board of the Laramie Film Society convened at 12:10 p.m., 404 S. Fifth St. Laramie, WY.


Robert Roten - President

Diana Kopulos - Secretary

Dustin Richards - VP General Programming

Casey Wood - VP Children’s Programming

Celeste Havener - VP Fund Raising

Ali Grossman - Public Relations Officer

David Davis - VP Public Relations


Brandon O'Neil - VP Operations


Brett Glass, Anthony Guzzo and Sandra Guzzo were introduced.


The minutes of the 9/11 meeting were changed to include that Wood had been elected Treasurer and then approved.


Wood reported that First National Bank has a no-fee, except for checks, checking account and a branch near the Wyo Theatre. The board voted to open our checking account with First National Bank.

Wood will make application for a Wyoming sales tax permit for tax exempt sales .


The bylaws were amended to change the date of our annual meeting to the 1st Thursday in September.

The bylaws were amended to change the name of the Adult Programming committee to General Programming.

The Operations Committee was approved as an official committee of the Laramie Film Society.

A Vice President in absentee (to chair meetings in the absence of the President) has not been determined.


Richards presented the goals and questions from his group’s 9/14 meeting:

1. Will think of possible film series for the fall

2. Look into working with groups, particularly on campus (Klaus Hansen and the Modern Language Dept.) has offered to help in sponsoring showings on campus. (classroom building, education auditorium and the new studio theatre for 16mm and DVD). This would help us gain recognition and encourage involvement from many people.

3. Will come up with a questionnaire to determine wants of the community and letter to editor asking for community suggestions and participation.

4. Find out how to get films and possible costs associated, identify sources-film buyers.

5. Start taking suggestions for movies and compile database (info on movies www.imdb.com).

The group wanted to ask the board about a meeting with Marshall Smith (owner of the Wyo property), changing their committee name from Adult to General Programming (see Bylaws above), creating a flow chart with contact names for fundraising, etc. (Secretary has created initial data and e-mail base), request that the Children’s Programming committee collaborate with General Programming and that the Children’s Museum be contacted.

The next General Programming meeting will be Thurs. 9/21 6-7 p.m. at Muddy Waters Coffee Shop.


Havener has been gathering grant applications and needs information to complete one for the Wyoming Community Foundation. The board will need to establish a budget/business plan as soon as possible.

Designs for Tee shirts, to hopefully be completed in time for sale at the next public meeting 10/5, were discussed and it was agreed to try to use an outline of the old deco style cowboy mural from the interior walls of the Wyo as a small front logo and Kopulos’ photo of the Wyo exterior on the shirt back. There are 2 people willing to loan us the money to purchase the shirts, to be repaid as the shirts are sold.

There was discussion about a Fall event/swing dance contest at Woods Landing; the owners have offered use of the old dance hall. No action was taken at this time.


Davis will arrange for and pay the first six months fee for a post office box and will try to get a ‘catchy’ PO Box number (P.O.Box 6309 Laramie, WY 82070.) 9/25

Davis has been trying to get responses and suggestions from the Pub group for meeting times. Possible formats and management for a local arts/events publication and other ways (posters, ad sales) of publicizing film series were discussed.

Davis has offered an older version Macintosh computer to the group.

Grossman is identifying for local publicity sources and outlets. It was suggested a press release be sent to the Boomerang, as many interested people are eager for news of this new organization.


Brett Glass spoke with the group about applying for non-profit status and the need to be very well informed about the compliance requirements to operate as a 501c3 corporation. He has provided each board member with IRS publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization.


Roten reported on a morning conversation with Marshall Smith regarding the building purchase. Forming a negotiating team, ideally with the support of a professional realtor, was discussed. Roten is meeting with Laramie attorney Steve Aron who is considering assisting LFS with legal matters.

The next meeting of the Board will be Monday 9/25 at noon at Muddy Waters Coffee Shop.

The meeting adjourned at approx. 2 p.m. -DK