Minutes of the LFS Board of Directors 10-9-2000

The Board of the Laramie Film Society convened at 12:10,  Muddy Waters Coffee Shop.


Robert Roten - President
Diana Kopulos - Secretary
Casey Wood -Treasurer / VP Children’s Programming
Pam Dillinger - VP Operations
Ali Grossman - Public Relations Officer
David Davis - VP Public Relations
Dustin Richards - VP General Programming
Celeste Havener - VP Fund Raising

There were no absent members and no guests.


The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


Kopulos reported that $900. was raised through Tee shirt sales (28) and charter membeships (32) at the Oct. 5 General Meeting held at the Wyo Theater. $263 is still owed to DK and RR for tee shirt costs.

Wood and Roten will be primary signers on our checking account with First National Bank and Kopulos will be secondary.


Roten presented the idea of starting a video lending library and sharing program for LFS members. A location for this will need to be found. He is working on the Wyo spreadsheet and will be meeting with Laramie accountant Pam Dunnuck next week. He will also be meeting with the perations committee.


No report this week.


Wood has 6 members identified from the Oct.5 meeting who will be meeting on Thursday.


New Director Pam Dillinger will meet with her committee following this, her first board meeting. They are working with Roten on cost estimates for theater operations which will help with long range business planning and grants, loans and property negotions.


Havener’s committee has two events in the works. A dance at Woods Landing will be Sat. Nov. 4 from 8p.m. - 11p.m. featuring music by The Haymakers.
Admissions will be $5. per person, $7. for 2 and $10. per family. Tee shirts and memberships will be sold and there should be door prizes.

A Soup and Cinema event is being planned for Dec. 3 at the Alice Hardy Stevens Center. Admission will include a movie, probably ‘Duck Soup,' a soup meal and the handmade soup bowls that are being donated by local potters through Gem City Clayworks. Havener will oversee the kitchen.

Volunteers will be needed this week for tableing (selling memberships and tee shirts) at other events.

The Fund Raising committee needs 6 mos operations cash flow estimates to apply for certain grants.


Davis reported that his committee had a productive meeting as part of the general meeting and has professional layout, editing, cartoonists and other enthusiastic volunteers ready to produce the first newsletter. Ad sales were discussed. The frequency of issues was discussed at length. The board voted to ask that the committee work to produce issue number one and then examine the time, costs, coverage, staffing and ad sales that were needed to produce it.


The board voted to accept the strategic plan which was generated at a special meeting with Liz Jennings 9/30/00, as received in final format by Ilse Lund.

email lists: Wood agreed to take over the email lists from Kopulos as his software can better handle our needs. Board members will need to notify him of all new members names and addresses.

501c3 status: Kopulos will meet with Woods to begin filling out the IRS applications.

General meetings will be the first Thursday of the month, at the Wyo Theater if possible.

The next meeting of the board will be in two weeks, Oct. 23 at noon. -dk