Minutes of the LFS Board of Directors, 11-13-2000

The Board of the Laramie Film Society convened at 12:15 pm. at Muddy Waters Coffee Shop on November 13, 2000.


Robert Roten - President

Diana Kopulos - Secretary

Casey Wood - Treasurer

Ali Grossman - VP Public Relations

Pam Dillinger - VP Operations

Freida Knobloch - Fund Raising Committee


The minutes of the last (Oct.30) meeting were approved.


There is $1243.25 in our account. Our request for employee identification number EIN has been submitted. Wood has been reviewing a publication on non profits and refining our 501c3 application. Roten sold tee shirts and memberships at Safeway on Sunday and Kopulos also reported new members.

The meeting opened with more discussion about the viability of running the Wyo without losing money. There is still uncertainty about the seats and other equipment and we have been informed that a furnace needs to be replaced. The board agreed that there is not enough start up money in our account to proceed at this time. Other scenarios such as only being open 2 or 3 days a week were considered. Historic Preservation was discussed.

(Knobloch has the initial information for determining Historic Preservation status available for anyone who wants to look into that. )

The board voted to decline Smith’s latest offer. There were 4 votes FOR and one ABSTENTION.

The Civic Center and other locations for showing films are currently being investigated. Wood has obtained use of a 16mm projector and a film and Roten has been offered another one for $10. They will set up a trial showing at the Civic Center as soon as possible.


The Soup and Cinema fundraiser is set for Sunday Dec. 3 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Alice Hardie Stevens Center. Tickets will be $20. The movie will be Duck Soup with the Marx Brothers. Celeste Havener and Martha Pheneger will be making the soups; rolls and desserts will be donated. Hopefully 75 bowls will be made and donated which will determine the maximum number of tickets (75) to be sold. Michael Brose is in charge of tickets and posters. Door prizes will be our WYO tee shirts and other items that the board members will try to obtain.

Martha Pheneger has reserved a table at the Hospital Craft Bazaar Nov. 18.

A request for a helper and also for donations of paper goods for the fundraiser will be prepared to be sent out on email.

The fund raising committee is hoping to have a fundraiser every month along with a movie event.

The fundraising committee would like to send a representative liason to the board meetings but not designate a VP or ‘chair’ at this time. The board voted to grant the designated liason voting privileges at board meetings.


Grossman would like to place some small ads in the newspaper and inquired about an advertising budget and ad fees. Kopulos offered to design the ad using filmstrip graphics similar to the newsletter.

The meeting adjourned around 1:45. DK