Minutes of the LFS Board of Directors 12-18-2000

The Laramie Film Society Board of Directors met on December 18, 2000 at noon in Muddy Waters Coffee House.


Bob Roten - President

Diana Kopulos - Secretary

Casey Wood - Treasurer

Pam Dillinger - Operations Committee

Ali Grossman - Public Relations

12/15 ‘A CHRISTMAS STORY’ followup Total Expenses: $367.18 (film 170.25, adv.$25. Concessions 121.93 auditorium $50.) Total Revenue: $135.00 (ticket sales 79.50, concessions 55.50) we still have concession goods on hand $52.50 for next film and $75. cash in cash box for change-tickets, $55.50 cash box- concessions.

Tickets were priced at $3.50 and $2.50 for members. None of the members showed their cards although we did have our list for confirmation.

Although money was lost on this film, the board agreed that it was a valuable experience for all involved. Low turnout was probably due to: the local newspaper not printing our ad on the day of showing (they agreed that it was their error), not as many public service announcements (as we had received for the Soup and Cinema), the fact that this film was being shown on tv all that week, members not reading our email messages, and very poor weather conditions that night.

Suggestions for the next showing included: promoting earlier and broader (if possible), better sound adjustment, blocking still more light from the back of the auditorium, renting or purchasing a better popcorn system, business sponsorship.


Ali Grossman produced our second newsletter which was made available to the Dec.15 audience and will be mailed to members next week.


Grossman presented the results of our film survey. Top choices for film genre were foreign and documentary.


‘ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER’ was selected for a Jan. 26 showing if possible.

Roten will check on availability. Posters for this will be printed in Spanish as well. Other films suggested were AFTER LIFE, PRINCESS MONONOKI, BOSA NOVA, ANTONIA’S LINE, THE VANISHING, MON UNCLE, POW WOW HIGHWAY, SHOWER, WACO, QUILLS, and CROUPIER.


There will not be a fund raising event for Jan. as per message received from Havener.


The Ksir Family has donated a sound system valued at approx. $1000.

Complimentary tickets to A Christmas Story, 2 memberships and 2 tee shirts were given in appreciation. Klaus Hansen will be given a T- shirt in appreciation for his support and for loaning us a projector.


Communicating with members via email and keeping LFS web sites updated were again discussed at length. No action was taken although the board seemed to want information to come directly from the board in a timely manner. Brett Glass has asked if we want him to continue to monitor the one he set up. No action was taken.


After meeting nearly every week since Sept., it was decided to take 2 weeks off due to holidays and meet again Monday Jan. 8, 2001.