Minutes of the LFS Board of Directors 1-8-2001

The Laramie Film Society Board of Directors met on January 8, 2001 at 12:15 p.m. in Muddy Waters Coffee House.


Bob Roten - President

Diana Kopulos - Secretary

Casey Wood - Treasurer

Pam Dillinger - Operations


The minutes of the 12/18/00 meeting were approved as amended-$50. Auditorium rental was added to expenses for ‘A Christmas Story.’


Roten reported that the film has been reserved and will cost $400. plus shipping. Two UW groups have offered $50. each to help with expenses. He will also ask a couple of other businesses to sponsor the showing.

The board voted to set ticket prices for this film at $5 for general admission, $4 for MEMBERS, SENIORS (55+) and CHILDREN(12-). *The film is rated R for sexuality inclduing strong sexual dialogue, language and some drug content. (*added post meeting)

It was suggested to have one poster in both languages so everyone could read it vs one of each; some businesses might not want to display two. It was also suggested that the awards that the movie has won be listed on the posters.

Dillinger has reserved the Civic Center Auditorium for Jan. 26. There was discussion of some of the drawbacks there such as light leaks, and no access past 9 p.m. or on Saturdays. Roten is looking into showing films at the Lincoln Center on South Cedar St. Two more projectors have arrived via ebay for a total of 3 that LFS now owns. Wood and Roten will run the projectors and perform a sound check. Ways of blocking more light were discussed. Two small popcorn poppers will be purchased.


Our fiscal year ended 12/31/2000 and the figures up till that time, which include one film showing, will be used for year end accounting.


There has been no further news of a possible out-of-town buyer.

501c3 APPLICATION Year end figures will be used to complete the application. *LFS has been advised that the application can be turned in anytime within 15 months of the date our organization was formed(9/7/00). People who want to take tax deductions this year can still do so. They can simply state on their tax forms that our 501c3 status is pending. (*added post meeting.)

BYLAWS As more appropriate language has been identified to describe our goals asa community service organization on the 501c3, the bylaws will need to be amended to reflect the same. The board will review this at the next meeting and sign a final copy a week after that.


It was suggested that we decide on a Feb. film by the Jan. 26 one. Showing a Documentary was suggested. The need to get the programming committee going was discussed again. It would relieve the board of additional meeting time if someone would come forward, set a meeting or two and come up with a tentative calendar of films.


Monday Jan.15 noon Muddy Waters Other time and dates were discussed but no changes will be made until all members can be present.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 dk