Minutes of the LFS Board of Directors 1-15-2001

Laramie Film Society Board of Directors Meeting January 15, 2001, noon, Muddy Waters Coffee House.


Bob Roten - President

Diana Kopulos - Secretary

Casey Wood - Treasurer

Ali Grossman - Public Relations

Pam Dillinger - Operations

WYO OPENING -- The board discussed the great news of the Wyo’s re-opening as a 2nd run cinema with occasional film series. Ticket prices will be $3 and $2 with a series package of 10 films for $40. or $6-6.50 individually. The new leasor is Randy Pryde who has asked for the board’s opinion on whether students would purchase a series pass for $40. or not. Some members felt that most of our members are not students so a poll might not answer that query.

LFS DIRECTION/CHANGE OF PURPOSE: Because of the Wyo opening, the board discussed its current and future situation. It was decided to wait till the Wyo gets going and see if we can work cooperatively to support their efforts and perhaps sponsor occasional showings there. Changes to the by-laws and 501 application statement of purpose will be discussed at a future meeting.

ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER-JAN 26.-Despite a possible date conflict with the Wyo opening, it was decided to go ahead and show our film as planned since sponsors have already pledged some funds and the film is ordered. Because two of the sponsors are University organizations, it is expected that UW students will be offered a discount. The board agreed to offer UW students the same discounted price as LFS members and Seniors ($4.) General admission will be $5.

PUBLIC RELATIONS- The board agreed to place Boomerang ads for the Jan. 26 film in the Sunday, Wed. and Friday editions. Grossman will design posters and contact media.

Grossman has been in touch with other committee members and has asked the board to help generate copy for our next newsletter. She requested gathering individual’s memories and stories of the Wyo. She outlined what tasks the committee will addrress: Publication: formatting, calender, reviews, upcoming events, articles. Publicity: media contact, press releases, advertising, flyer creation, adressing, distribution, article archive, tabling, outreach to other organizatons.

OPERATIONS- Committee member Bernnie Foulk will manage concessions for our showing; Roten is looking into popcorn equipment; Wood and Roten will oversee the projection/sound equipment. The sound will be better adjusted this time and more light will be blocked from the auditorium.

SALES TAX- Our Wyoming Sales Tax use license is being processed as is our Kinkos account. All board members will be authorized to charge at Kinkos.

The next meeting will be Monday 1/22/01 to finalize plans for All About My Mother. -dk