Minutes of the LFS Annual Membership Meeting 9-16-2010

The annual membership meeting of the Laramie Film Society was held Thursday, September 16, 2010 at the Laramie Fire Substation Number Three in West Laramie. Notice of the meeting was by email to individual members. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m.

Attending the meeting were: Robert Roten, Nancy Sindelar, Lynn Hamblin, Jeanne Holland, Namnette Nelson, Clifford Marks and Ed Rasmussen.

President Robert Roten reported:

1. The "Not Shown at a Theater Near You Film Series" grossed about $320. Most of the earnings are spoken for, to pay for the surround sound amplifier subwoofer, other equipment and series expenses.

2. LFS purchased a third 16 MM film, "An Eastern Westerner." The film was shown during Jubilee Days along with "Easy Street" and "The Goat," also owned by the LFS. About $9 was collected in donations during the showing.

3. The Annual Fall Film Series at the Wyo Theater will begin this Sunday, 19 Sept. Films will be shown every other week.

4. Additional Series film showings. There was discussion of running late showings at the Wyo on Friday and/or Saturday nights, this would be the same film as the Sunday night film. Thoughts were that it is difficult for some to make the Sunday screenings, there might be an audience that would enjoy Series films on a different night. R. Roten said he would develop a "Survey Monkey" to check for community interest, N. Nelson thought she could get information to several departments on campus. Board members will be the Guinea pigs for the survey.

5. Election of officers. It was noted that LFS director David Lightbourne, a Laramie musician, died during the year.

The board voted for a slate of candidates unanimously. Following the vote, the board is comprised of the following:

Director -- Lynn Hamblin

Director -- Alice Grossman

Director -- Jeanne Holland

Director -- Nanette M. Nelson

President -- Robert C. Roten

Secretary -- Nancy Sindelar

Treasurer -- Casey Wood

Vice President -- Clifford Marks

Expiration of terms of office are as follows:

Hamblin, Roten, Sindelar and Wood, terms of office expire in September, 2012. Marks, Nelson, Holland and Grossman, terms of office expire in September 2011.

6. Roten reported that according to the 8/31/2010 bank statement from First National Bank, the Laramie Film Society has $483.27 in its account.

7. Incorporation Fees. The deadline for the Wyoming Secretary of State incorporation documentation was missed, there may be a penalty fee assessed. It will be sent in soon.

8. Improving the Wyo Theater. Several present were willing to help weather strip the doors at the Wyo Theater as part of an action day with a national environmental organization. N. Nelson will look into getting a grant to weatherize the building, as it may qualify for a historic designation.

9. Change the annual meeting date. Unanimous vote to change the annual meeting date from the first to the third Thursday in September. The first Thursday was in conflict with Labor day weekend and the start of the school year.

10. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

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